Fernanda Homsi – 28.03.24


I learnt how to make delicious dumplings with Ping. She’s a great cook and an awesome teacher and her recipes are simple enough for me to be able to make them on my own. I just can’t make it look as pretty on the plate as she does! I would definitely recommend the secret chilli club! Thanks for the experience Ping!!

Mina Jack Tolu – 24.02.24


Ping’s class is the perfect way to slow down, think about the importance of slow cooking and learning how to build up flavours from scratch with the right ingredients. We laughed, talked about shared interests and connected as Ping shared the tricks and tips of how to make dumplings. The end result of this labour of love, an exclamation of joy: “these are the best dumplings I’ve ever had!” I appreciated that the class could be tailored to our needs, and knowing that it could be vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free etc. I felt guided and in good hands throughout the whole process, figuring out which dish to learn, making the dumpling skin and filling, through to receiving some beautiful photos and recipe to try do it all again from home. The perfect gift for a loved one who wants to learn more about Asian flavours, and I can’t wait to go back to learn more.

Karen Tonna – 24.01.24


What a truly lovely experience. 3 hrs flew by. Such a creative and caring team. Felt as if I’ve known them for ages! Keep up the amazingly good work.

Ingrid Unsöld – 01.11.23


This cooking class was amazing. I want to do sea bass every day from now! Got so much inspiration for cooking and the confidence to use more herbs and spices that I never used to.

Karen Bezuidenhout – 17.10.23


What an AWESOME experience.
Ping creates food experiences with such love and care. Her knowledge and guidance is unique and her dishes are out of this world. HIGHLY recommended – Chef Ping is a WIZARD!!!

Maria Pagnon – 27.02.23


We had the pleasure of having a fantastic afternoon learning how to make dumplings with Ping. Not only were the dumplings amazing and she gave us great tips, but also she and her husband were very welcoming and very nice to talk to!! I highly recommend her cooking classes, it can be a wonderful present for someone or a fantastic date!

Stina Bergman – 22.04.22


Super fun experience to have Ping over in our kitchen this weekend  We absolutely loved learning how to make gluten-free dumplings from scratch and taking the time to actually ENJOY each other’s company over food. Will definitely do this again together with Ping!

Madi Collins – 18.07.2022


Absolutely amazing!! We had Super Chef Ping over in our kitchen showing us her skills, love for food, hot tips, and barrels of laughs! Such a brilliant night and the flavour of this dish was fantastic! Highly recommended, thank you so much, Ping. We cannot wait to do it all again soon.

Gustav Thomsson


If you want to learn cooking in a passionate way I highly recommend attending one of Ping’s cooking classes. It’s so much fun, and delicious and I really enjoy the way Ping guides you through Asian cuisine. The high quality and passionate way Ping presents her dishes made it an obvious choice to have Secret Chili Club food at my 40th Birthday Party. I also recommend that you try Ping’s homemade sambal. It is a real firecracker with flavor covering the whole range from spicy, sour, umami, salt, and sweet and it goes with all kinds of food.

Vimala Söderqvist


If you’re looking for delicious Malaysian food in Stockholm, Chef Ping is the right person for you. The food, the flavours, the presentation are all impeccable. Good Asian food is almost impossible to find in Stockholm, she is a gem!



The food was amazing both in taste and texture and left you not drained of energy after the meal

Andrew Robertson


Can warmly recommend it! Had an amazing evening where I and a bunch of friends were taught how to make (and eat haha) dumplings. Ping was so friendly and great at teaching.

Angelica Vinuesa


I had the pleasure to learn how to make bbq pork buns with Ping and had such a great time. Not only is the dish very delicious but Ping is a charismatic and patient teacher. It’s not the last time, I’m eager to learn (and taste) more!!

Joakim Ström


The best food I had in a very long time!

Ulrika Hildebrand


Amazing dumpling-making experience and taste!

Stephane Koh


Deliciously nostalgic scallion pancakes with the fun-loving company!

Jenny Kärner


What a wonderful experience!
Both learning to make the best dumplings I’ve ever eaten and being on a tasting menu. What flavors! This is the kind of experience you never forget compared to just going to a restaurant.
Thank you

Lina Jelbring


The food is amazing. I really enjoyed the chili, the ginger, and the chicken in the dish I tried. Perfect Evening.

Erik Jelbring


Awesome South Eastern Asian cuisine! @pinglim is very professional.

Jens Berg


Best sambal around! Used it to grill/BBQ both fish and pork and make dip sauce!

Stefani Benkovic Novakvic
Homemade, delicious, and vegan-friendly.
Fernanda Homsi
The Sambal was delicious!! Brought me back to Singapore. Thank you, Ping!
Stefan Wessels
I have eaten so much of Ping’s food – it is loved from East to West!
Caroline Uddström


Fantastic flavors and textures and food for both the body and the mind. As soon as you see the food on the plate you know that you are in for a treat and that it is cooked with great care and passion.

Embark on a 5-Star Culinary Cooking Journey with Chef Ping.


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