Welcome to ‘The Secret Chilli Club’

The Beginning

Founder Chef Ping Lim is passionate about bringing modern Asian flavours into everyone’s home. 

Chef Ping Lim, founder of the Secret Chilli Club, Stockholm Sweden

She believes that everyone can create impressive dishes that are healthy, delicious, and from the comfort of your kitchen. “I grew up learning that Asian food is one of the easiest to prepare, once you have the right ingredients and cooking techniques in place.” 

Ping was born in Malaysia and moved to Australia when she was 8. She grew up in a Peranakan kitchen (Malay & Chinese fusion cuisine) with a family heritage of chefs who held onto traditional cooking while incorporating the fresh produce of Australia. Her early years as “the garnishing girl” in her family restaurants remain evident in Ping’s love for plating beautiful dishes.

In her previous life, Ping had a fulfilling career as an executive producer in advertising for over 25 years. She managed award-winning, high-profile, multimillion-dollar productions for the likes of Adidas, Dove, Motorola, Nokia, Hellmann’s, Vidal Sassoon, and others. At the heart of this, is Ping’s work ethic & an irreplaceable eye for great photography and design. 

Today – The Online Cooking and Tasting Classes

Ping and her husband currently reside in Stockholm, Sweden. Finding a lack of authentic and fresh Southeast Asian cuisine, she started making curry puffs to satiate her taste buds. This quickly turned into a business as people started approaching her for corporate and private dining events and eventually brought her unique dishes to catering companies. 

These unprecedented times have led to her realizing the importance of pursuing her passion for cooking and this is how her online cooking classes were born. Fortunate to have friends across New York, San Francisco, Sydney, Vienna, Paris, and London, Ping has extended her passion to not only feed but share her cooking tips and tricks through her Online Cooking and Tasting Classes

For online cooking and tasting classes please visit https://secretchilliclub.com/booking/   Catering Order please visit our online Facebook store, or fill in our contact form or DM via Instagram.


Ping’s next ambition is to compile her unique recipes in a cookbook so that she can bring her love for modern Asian home cooking to all global food lovers.