Welcome to ‘Secret Chilli Club’

The Beginning

Founder Chef Ping Lim is passionate about bringing modern Asian flavours into everyone’s home.

Ping firmly believes that everyone can create delectable and nourishing dishes right in the comfort of their kitchen.

Her culinary journey began in her Grandmother’s Peranakan kitchen in Malaysia. Continued into her family’s restaurants in Australia since she was 8 years old. Where she discovered that Asian cuisine can be easily prepare with the right ingredients and techniques. The fusion of traditional cooking methods with fresh Australian produce ignited her passion for crafting visually stunning dishes.

Before her current pursuit, Ping enjoyed a thriving career as an executive producer in the advertising industry, spanning over 25 years. She expertly managed prestigious productions for renowned brands including Adidas, Dove, Motorola, Nokia, Hellmann’s, Vidal Sassoon, and Singapore & Malaysian Airlines. Ping’s remarkable work ethic, coupled with her discerning eye for photography and design, formed the foundation of her professional accomplishments.

Today – The Online Cooking and Tasting Classes

Ping and her husband split their time between the Nordic and Mediterranean regions. Recognizing a lack of authentic and fresh Southeast Asian cuisine in their surroundings, Ping embarked on a personal mission to satisfy her cravings by crafting delectable curry puffs. The popularity of her culinary creations quickly grew, with people approaching her for corporate and private dining events in Stockholm. This led Ping to collaborate with catering companies, enabling her to introduce her unique dishes to a wider audience.

The unprecedented challenges of recent times have further reinforced the importance of pursuing her culinary passion. Consequently, Ping launched her online cooking & tasting classes to share her expertise and recipes. Leveraging her extensive network of friends residing in cities such as New York, San Francisco, Sydney, Vienna, Paris, London, and Stockholm. Ping expanded her mission to provide cooking tips and tricks through her Online Cooking and Tasting Classes. 

Secret Chilli Club Cooking Class

To enrol in Ping’s classes, simply visit  Online Booking  or DM via Instagram. You can also explore the delightful offerings of tasting and cooking classes through the convenient Facebook or Instagram store. If you prefer, you can complete the contact form to express your interest and receive further information. Embark on an exciting culinary journey with Ping and discover the joys of her unique creations and expert guidance.


Ping’s ambition is to create a Modern Asian gut-friendly cookbook, sharing her love for healthy and flavourful home cooking with food lovers worldwide. Drawing on her expertise in traditional Asian ingredients and cooking techniques, Ping will curate a collection of recipes that not only please the palate but also support digestive health. Through her cookbook, she aims to empower individuals to embark on a nourishing culinary journey, showcasing the vibrant flavours and textures of gut-friendly ingredients. Ping’s passion and knowledge will make her modern Asian gut-friendly cookbook a valuable resource, inspiring food enthusiasts to embrace the harmonious connection between taste and wellness.