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Would you like to learn how to cook easy delicious Modern Asian Cuisine?

How about rounding up a group of your friends & family together, for a delicious virtual evening together with loads of fun creating impressive dishes from your kitchen?

Below you can choose to book a group or individual class.


  • Classes take about 2.5 hours, but we allow an extra hour if needed.


  • Group Class: 20 Euro per person (minimum of 2 up to 8 per group)
  • Individual Class: 40 Euro per adult (children and dogs are free!)
  • Group Class Subscription: 150 Euro per person (8 classes within 2 months, minimum of 2 up to 8 per group)
  • Individual Class Subscription: 200 Euro per adult (8 classes within 2 months)

Software & Hardware:

  • A laptop or smartphone with a working camera, microphone & speakers.
  • Whatsapp or Google Meet for groups.
  • Whatever platform you prefer for individual sessions.

Payment & Confirmation:

Bookings are confirmed on payment to

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